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Having some problems with your appointment as homeland-security chief?

Made the mistake of having sex with Christie Brinkley's husband? " Booty is an alleged drug dealer who operates out of a hut on the beach, just feet from the ground-floor room at the Holiday Inn where Natalee was staying...until she vanished. Joran has not been charged with anything (despite spending ninety days in an Aruban jail), but more than a year after Natalee disappeared, Joe isn't taking any chances.

The sliding doors lead directly to the beach—and to Booty's drug hut.

Booty, Joe explains, told Joe's private investigator that he saw Natalee return to her room that night at three ten in the morning, seems to know Joe.

Today, Miranda is wearing gray cords and a gray SOMB hoodie over a vintage Nintendo T-shirt.They've seen his constant appearances on the Greta-Larry-Abrams-Crier dead-girl-of-the-week cable-TV circuit.(But not .) They've heard him on_ Imus in the Morning_ (he also occasionally "counsels Imus on legal matters").He speaks in hyperactive bursts–again, as did Hamilton per Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton, the book that Miranda casually picked up before a Mexico vacation in 2008.“My dressing room has de facto been my office for the past 10 months,” Miranda tells me as he welcomes me inside and grabs couple of coconut waters from his mini-fridge.