Susan, Fanny and Chinyun are three new prostitute at a brothel.

They learn the art of practicing sex step by step and soon become master of it.

In our round of recommendations Navin recommends a book that looks at the sexual evolution in the middle east, Abbas recommends a film that explores the trials and tribulations of being an artist and Sharanya recommends a hilarious podcast about reading bad erotica.

This ability to not only accept ourselves in the skin that we're in and our own unique expression of our sexuality may be the most healing, transformational and difficult practice for people to master.

In honor of the event, they invite a special guest live into the recording studio. More importantly, will they watch the full season of Handmaid's Tale before or after they watch the first season of American Gods?

Special thanks to this week's donor, Br ...…Paul and Paul went to see Baby Driver. In the spirit of the film, they decided to record while driving home.

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