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Each participant will obtain a certificate of participation in the course, and those who pass the final exam will earn a grade report with an ECTS points allocation.– a well-rounded program of language study and culture that covers all necessary skills to function successfully in a Ukrainian environment.

There are online vocabulary and grammar games, songs, stories, videos and a range of activities which focus on developing literacy skills.

Academic credits are transferable to most North American, European, and Australian colleges and universities.

Program calendar 2016 Session A in PDF Program calendar 2016 Session B in PDF SUMMER SESSION & DATES for 2017 DIPLOMAS, CERTIFICATESStudents may obtain between 4 and 16 ECTS points for the session upon course completion and passing the final exam.

The program consists of 2 sessions from 2 to 6 weeks long.

Students may enroll in any of the sessions with a minimum course length of 2 weeks, and a maximum course length of 6 weeks.