After updating display adapter computer shutsdown

This happened a few times when plugged in, and a few times when not plugged in.

It also happens when I'm trying to boot the Windows partition.

Well, I haven't been able to fix the problem after checking if it was related to usb power management and everything that came to mind, I believe it to be some kind of kernel bug.

In the end what I've done to solve it (I don't have external USB drives connected so I don't know if the issue affects other devices), is to use systemd to execute scripts at startup and shutdown that enable and disable the wifi card, this way the adapter is always off after shutdown.

Turn off the internet and just let the program run. Many people leave computers running 24 / 7, so just leave it to run, or is this a problem ??

Thank You - •Click Start and open Computer •Right-click on C: (or your selected Hard Drive letter) and select Properties •Click on the Tools tab •Under Error-checking click the Check Now...

I'm going to continue with my plan on restoring to factory defaults after i back up my hard drive. And my back up process is still at 28% after 3-4 hours.

I suggest you to check Event Viewer logs to see the cause of the problem. Disconnect from the internet, open Event Viewer, browse to the time the computer shut down and see what is causing the shutdown.

This happens whether I'm on AC power or battery power.

This is the output if If I try to disable power management :sudo -i iwconfig wlan0 power off...

SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported3.

Hi, I've updated my system (old Gigabyte P35 Board), that was working fine with Mint 17.3, to Mint 18 using mintupdate.

Everything went smooth until the system froze when updating grub, I was able to fix it and continue the update after that and everything seems to be working fine after that (a few packages were missing, gedit and grub-customizer among others), but after reinstalling them all is working.