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Beyond its melancholy storyline and Gurney’s deftly-wrought dialogue about everything from the joys of writing to depression and divorce, what makes the play a favorite among big-name actors — with pairings that have included Elizabeth Taylor and James Earl Jones and, in the recent Broadway revival, Mia Farrow and Brian Dennehy — is that the lines are not meant to be memorized.The staging is sparse, and the actors read off the page.When she first saw evidence of a relationship between him and her daughter, Powers didn’t know where to turn.So she expressed her anger and frustration in the most public platform she could find: Facebook.Most of what we are going to be doing starts early next year. But we're often asked as a couple for something around — the Oscar for dear Arthur Hiller and other stuff. It's a lifetime from second grade to the early 70s and nobody with any sensitivity can help but relive their life and choices when they said yes and choices when they said no. We have a wonderful director — Greg Mosher, is a big, big, big Broadway director and it's an honor to be directed by him.

Mac Graw: I say no because I adore Ryan and we're doing this together with 45 years of history together. But here we are on this little tiny bubble doing a story that has many crossovers probably from our real lives, and as long as I stay there, it's going to be a joy. And in this frightening world we live in, I try to find something great. I hope you come back and do another photo shoot with us sometime soon.

Our launch is here in Beverly Hills and then we hit the road. Some people continue to work, while others find it difficult to find the right parts. It's a luxury but it's very, very different from what the media thinks women should be like aging on the screen here. So much has been written about the chemistry between the two of you.

I'm not really working, so I'm not beating that drum, but I do go to the movies all the time and marvel at a part written for someone in their 60s played by a 38-year-old. I live in a city that has six alternative movie theaters so I see every documentary and every foreign film.

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Forty-five years since “Love Story” turned moviegoers into weepy messes and “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” became an international catchphrase, stars Ryan O’Neal and Ali Mac Graw have reunited as epistolary soulmates in A. Gurney’s two-hander “Love Letters.” The play seems tailor-made for the pair, who imbue their performances not only with palpable spark and gripping emotional depth but also with an aura of winsome nostalgia for a time when they were the industry’s most romantically tragic — and, therefore, most perfect — onscreen couple.