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This post focuses on something that went right when making voice changes – shocking, I know!

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Changing any of the components that went into generating the precious license mac for the server invalidates all the pretty, pretty licenses you spent hours (likely even days) of your life trying to get in the first place.This is where the DNS comes in; it provides a system that allows a simplified name to represent any number of configured addresses.That config makes the router do a forward lookup when we ping, and reverse lookup under show commands that return ip addresses.Cisco IM&P now leverages CUCM licensing in 9.x, so no rehosting required for those servers, either. Your mileage may vary, don’t take my word for it, always have a good backup, and certainly don’t blow your voice servers up. -In the GUI of the License server, remove the CUCM or UNCX server instance from the License server.Yes, I know the trepidation of deleting anything from a voice server – especially involving licensing, but it is strongly recommended to do so.