Cystic fibrosis dating cystic fibrosis patients

I met my girlfriend, Marissa, online in early 2013.There was a certain unique and immediate comfort in communicating through email, chat and eventually phone right from the beginning.However, on our first official date, I was coughing alot and he made a comment like oh no you are still sick?I smiled politely and said yes, can’t seem to shake it.That realization, along with her sharing the same birthdate as my brother who had just passed, were just a few of the green flags that started to go up.Almost three years later, Marissa is now my very best friend, and the sharing the loss of my brother was only the first of several challenging and painful situations she has supported me through. I have always wondered, and not been able to ask, what it is like for friends and loved ones to be on the other side of living with CF?So if one of them is ill, the other must be kept well away.

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If you or someone you care about is dealing with any of the issues covered on our website, you can watch video clips of people in the same situation sharing their experiences, advice and support.For example, when I first met my last ex I was coughing alot the first day we met at a friend’s party.Luckily, I had my girls with me and nothing was said other then him asking if I was okay and if he could get me water (which was very sweet).Before we even met for the first time in person our lives became intimately connected.After our first attempt at getting together to meet in person got postponed, I had to leave to go to New Jersey for the death of my second oldest brother.