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Chemical cleaning sounds intimidating and dangerous, but it is a necessary part of our service.First, we utilize pleasant smelling p H-neutral, eco-friendly detergents for general cleaning.Dilutional cleaning is cleaning with plenty of clean water.When utilizing mops to clean floors, we use a two bucket method that ensures that the mop being placed on your floor is always with fresh, clean water.

It's why on Monday tears will flow from the 6-foot-4, 220-pound right-handed pitcher's eyes.And when we wipe surfaces, we use plenty of damp cloths that are rinsed with fresh water and changed with great frequency — we do not dry dust!When we clean by dilution, we are giving your home a shower.When cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, it is sometimes necessary to utilize bleach to kill bacteria and sanitize surfaces.When a toilet, sink, or shower door is covered with scale, we utilize various acids to break down the scale and bring the surface back to a better place.