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He secretly starts living with his much younger girlfriend (by staying there every night until she realizes he is completely living with her… Ray is an honest, smart, charming guy, but totally a Peter Pan type of guy and does nothing to change it. Staying childish and responsibility-free is not only unsexy, it’s unmasculine.

For every Peter Pan type of guy, remember Wendy does grow up, leaving Neverland and Peter behind.

The surprise was when that pause turned into a morning when I realized my perspective had changed.

I'd never tell her, but maybe Mom is right; maybe I do want things I swore I never did.

The universal rule in matchmaking that should be applied to dating is there is no universal rule – no one-size-fits-all imperative that is relevant to each unique individual.

Everyone inside or outside of a dating service should be given their fair shot, but it takes a methodical, organic unveiling in due time to really understand someone you are dating.

If it is one thing people love to tell young, driven, single and slightly stubborn, “I will never,” women, it's that they will one day wake up and want the fairytale.

They will one day wake up and not only have finally grown into the glass slipper everyone was waiting for them to fill, but will also want to wear it.

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Look at the character of Ray on “Girls.” He admits to being a 31-year old loser that works at a coffee shop and has absolutely no career aspirations.

Thirty is not scary, but it does cause me to pause.

It's the long, deep, “Is that a wrinkle,” or, “You don't look a day over 29,” stare in the mirror pause.

After dating a lot of douche bags, assholes and conceited men, all I wanted was to never date again.

Then one day I met this guy who was so nice and funny, so it made me forget all about my ban on dating.