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There is growing demand that Toronto follow Vancouver’s example and institute a tax on foreign buyers, as well as implement a progressive surtax on pricey homes owned by people who don’t pay income tax, in an effort to temper the market.“We’re so over housed” And while that may take time, Gaynor is advising and connecting people who want to make the move, with the financial clout greater resources can provide.In many other places in Canada, it is still the case.In the GTA, however, with prices at astronomical levels, with little connection to average incomes, people have been moving into condominium dwellings, or apartments, to raise families.Now real estate agent Lesli Gaynor, is putting her own experience to use in guiding potential buyers into co-ownership arrangements. ” With a background in social work and social policy, she is the first to acknowledge that the partnerships are not for everyone.But judging from the turnout at two previous seminars she held, there is growing interest.

Until, she laughed with a snort and a chortle at his Star Wars references."Not sure if you're light saber savvy enough to make the cut?Like other real couples who were rumored to be dating before, they were started with this kind of evidences.We were shocked when the innocent-seeming Alexis Bledel appeared on this season’s Mad Men as a melancholy housewife who has an affair with the smarmy Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser). Claudia Jordan confirmed that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are reportedly a couple, but quickly backtracked.Then, Gladys Knights’ son is being accused of theft and tax evasion and “Dance Mom” Abby Lee Miller is reportedly pleading guilty for fraud. #Flashback Friday to last month when I visited Sirius XM and my radio friends!