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We guys need to stop fighting over women, and start sharing our dating mindsets. What makes a girl reject the last 99 guys but respond to you? Being different, being playful, and being attractive. As a matter of fact it's EASIER to be different than the last 99 guys simply because the last 99 guys are all saying the exact same things and all making the exact same mistakes.And so this is my first attempt at helping my fellow brothers with the dating insights I've seen work. I wrote this book to help the average guy, like you and me, stand out from the online dating crowd in order to catch the girl we REALLY want, and ultimately deserve. now read this book and learn the fastest path to your first date!I'm just an average guy who's put in 10 years exploring women, dating, sex, concepts around attraction and rapport, and who's experienced the typical pains and triumphs of meeting beautiful women.At no time do I claim to know it all, or to have all the answers.One in five Americans between 25 and 34 years old are active or have been active on online dating platforms.

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Possibly due to the relatively small sample size, there are no statistically significant differences in online dating use across race and ethnicity categories or education levels.Don’t respond with just a ‘Hey.’” If you have nothing in your profile that someone can respond to, then maybe take your own advice and be interesting; give people enough information to ask you a nice question.Do you remember that timeless romance when one person told the other person to “be interesting” and then whispered softly: “I’m much too busy to put effort into my love life.” No? If you’re genuinely into fitness and working out, there’s nothing wrong with listing those interests in hopes of finding a partner who shares them.Profile and first message faux pas Writing the perfect online dating profile and figuring out just the right first message to send a potential cyber-interest is far from a science.I’m also far from a love scientist, but after years of online dating, there are some things that I come across on a regular basis that evoke an immediate negative response.