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A drop of vanilla extract in your bottle of cologne. Dating, dealing with women, isn't and isn't supposed to be fair. There is no such thing as playing out of your league. There may be all-stars and scrubs, but even all-stars lose and even scrubs can become all-stars with practice. So get out and be active for at lest 30 minutes a day. Check out my article about the top grooming mistakes men make.I can’t tell you what a difference this can make on a man.What if you knew for sure that could have the love life you always wanted?I help passionate women find lasting love by shifting their mindset, shifting how they talk to men, how to use body language to help them connect with man through his heart.

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One spray on your throat, one on your chest, and a little behind your ears. What she thought of you 10 minutes ago is probably different from what she thinks of you now and what she might think of you 10 minutes from now.

by Afterbuzz Over the past few years, in actively and consciously trying to meet women, I have learned a few things. Get something out of every interaction you have with a woman.

Some of these came as enlightening epiphanies, some came with groans and slaps to the forehead, but they all came with experience.

"When you're up, it's never as good as it seems and when you're down it seems like you'll never get up again." You will.

You can admit you were wrong, you can offer to make things right, but don't apologize. There is such a thing as taking yourself too seriously, however. Never ask a woman if you can kiss them, hug them, hold them, etc.