Duggar kids dating who is brooke davis dating in real life

(The Duggars were in East Tennessee visiting the Bates last week.) Gil and Kelly Bates put the rumor to rest: "I think that probably Lawson and Jana would both be shocked by that news, although we have heard that rumor," said Kelly.

Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she has entered a courtship with Austin Forsyth during the TLC special Counting On: Jinger’s Wedding, which aired on Tuesday, November 15.

All of the Duggar children have names that start with the letter “J.” Michelle and Jim Bob chose to keep everyone’s names in this pattern after they named their first three kids with “J” names. The kids in the family love to test new guests on their names for fun.

When Jessa’s husband Ben Seewald was first courting Jessa, all the younger Duggar sibling quizzed Ben on their names, and he got them all right!

Here are five things to know about Joy-Anna’s new man.1.

He’s been friends with Joy-Anna for nearly 15 years.

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"Our families are close friends through church, and this has allowed Kendra and me to get to know each other. ""I'm looking forward to the side hugs and getting to do phone calls and texting," Caldwell said.

Say what you will about the ultra-conservative, ultra-huge brood, but one thing is pretty clear: They're good at what they do, which is procreating and repressing sexual urges, and covering up their son, Josh Duggar's, sexual molestation proclivities and incest habits to authorities.

Instead of going to the police, Jim Bob and Michelle sent Josh Duggar to an Arkansas state trooper's house for "a stern talking to," then he came home and, you know, lived in the same house with the girls he molested already.

She's also excited to "do ministry stuff together out in public and let everyone know we're courting."The two first met when Duggar was visiting the family of sister Joy-Anna's fiance, Austin Forsyth. TLC"I'm looking forward to getting to spend more time with Joseph as we take this exciting step toward a new season in life," the 18-year-old adds. "We don't know much yet about Caldwell, but reports suggest that she's from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and her father is a preacher.

There are even rumors that another Duggar is courting her sister -- but we'll have to wait and see about that! More from : EXCLUSIVE: Meet the new ' Flip or Flop' pairs getting their own spinoffs!