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I bet 60% of the confession have to do with the sexual antics of the people submitting via an online survey form. Make your uniform look sharp (everyone looks better in uniform) and let that hot cop/deputy/firefighter/EMT/dispatcher/jailer/nurse know you are single and want to spend more time with them.

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When we started dating, everything was perfect, but as I prepared for my high school graduation, things began to change.

I am twenty-two years old and I live in Clearwater, Florida. 24, 2012, I found myself surrounded with family, covered in bandages, connected to machines, with tubes down my throat, praying and thanking God for saving my life.

Hours before this moment I was lying alone in the road outside my home, covered in blood, taking what I thought would be my last breath.

You really believe that the Ambulance lights and sirens are in fact an invisibility cloak that makes it impossible for cars to see you and get out of your way 13. When you arrive at a call and your first impression is, Umm why am I here. You describe a hospital gown as a “nice backless number” 83. Know that its easier and more accurate to check a patient’s medications than to ask them what previous medical illnesses they have. Have been caught out at some stage by suggesting that you will decide if a patient can walk or not, only to find that they have a broken leg. You’ve looked at a drunken patient and thought “they called the wrong emergency service…” 92.

When you’ve wanted to hold a seminar on ’Suicide – How to Get It Right The FIRST Time.” 42.