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Ground crews have also reported growing sick while working around F-22s whose engines are running.The Air Force claims its has a handle on the in-flight blackouts.But the Air Force says the alterations won't do to fix the so-called "Raptor cough," a chronic condition afflicting almost all F-22 pilots.The coughing – which, to be clear, is a totally separate issue from hypoxia – is due to a condition known as "acceleration atelectasis," Maj. Charles Lyon, who headed the Air Force's Raptor investigation, wrote in response to questions submitted following a September testimony before a House subcommittee.See more » It's Been a Long, Long Time Written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne Performed by Harry James and His Orchestra (as Harry James & His Orchestra) Courtesy of Columbia Records By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing See more » I cannot speak to the whole movie as I could not be bothered to waste my time all the way to the end. When they are attempting to be funny it comes across as ridiculous.When they are trying to be serious it comes across as boring and slight.How hard can it be to fly around the world, indulging in drinks at hotel bars with fellow crew members?

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And the message to the maintainers of the radar-evading jet is even depressing.

As the war takes its toll on Allied forces in Europe, a squadron of black pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen are finally given the chance to prove themselves in the sky - even as they battle discrimination on the ground.

It's a tribute to the unsung heroes who rose above extraordinary challenges and ultimately soared into history.

The P-51s used in the film were -D variants, as they have the distinctive bubble canopy.

However, in reality the Tuskegee Airmen used P-51 C variants, which did not have the bubble canopy. It is almost as if the actors are shot up with some kind of depressant.