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St Peter’s was originally founded by Emperor Constantine in AD 324.

It was then rebuilt in the 16th century by renaissance masters including Michelangelo, Donato Bramante, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Carlo Maderno.

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While not a cathedral, as it is not the seat of a bishop, it is one of the four churches in Rome that are part of the Vatican.

The basilica is built on the burial site of Saint Peter, the apostle who was considered the first pope, and it is here where he died a martyr and was buried in AD 64.

St Peter's Basilica In a city home to some of the most beautiful churches in the world, St Peter’s Basilica stands out as the most spectacular.

Containing some of Italy’s most celebrated masterpieces, the basilica is one of the greatest examples of renaissance architecture in Rome and truly is a sight to behold.