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Anybody telling you that you don't need money to get a woman is a learner. Yes, bad guys and arrogant/proud guys always get the girls(especially girls with low self esteem). No follow babe mouth ooo, else u go fall insyd gutter..Money is always involved in one way or the other.7. Beautiful girls are easier to get than the average ones. Confident and independent ladies will never fall for the bad guys. Most guys that re bashing women( especially guys with low self confidence) are really frustrated when it comes to dating Numbers 6 and 9Very truestest .. No follow babe mouth ooo, else u go fall insyd gutter.. See me formin no sex till marriage gawd wen she is gettin it left right centre from that guy.. American relationship: Day1: go on a date Day2: Toast and agree Kiss Day3: Sex Naija relationship Day1: Toast Day2: Toast again but girl ask for date first Day3: go on a date and toast again Day4: Toast again, girl says no Day5: Toast again, girl say no again Day6: Toast again, girl say she will think about it Day7: Girl is still thinking Day8: Girl finally says yes Day9: Try to hug but failed Day10: Hug Day11: Try to kiss but failed Day12: Try to kiss again but girl only pecks Day13: Finally kiss Day14: Try to press boobs but failed Day15: Try to press boobs again but girl only allow to press inside bra Day16: Finally press and sucks boobs Day17: Try to have sex but failed Dayb18: Try to have sex again but failed Day19: Try sex again and fail again Day20: Still try to have sex and failed again Day21: Guy forced girl, she later pity him and have sex Day22: Girl says he raped her Day22: Police arrest boy for rape and Linda Ikeji post it on her blog, viviangist copied it and post it on Nairaland, move it to frontpage.Firstly, I refer to it as a “waste of time” because in my opinion, relationships exist ultimately for the purpose of finding a life partner, i.e. Therefore, any relationship that does not end in marriage is a “waste of time” (please note the air quotes).Obviously, it is not a total waste of your time or resources, because there are a few things that these failed relationships can teach you about the other person, love, life…more importantly about yourself.You are 30 and single, so you have to be depressed, lonely, self-centered or damaged. Because, how could you possibly be a full, complete, joyful person leading a meaningful life when you are not married at a certain age? While for women the dating pool shrinks at that age, the dating pool grows wider for men.Somehow ‘30’ has been marked the year of ‘oldness’. Single women from as young as 18 to as old as 45 show interest in the men, while the 30-year-old female has to sift through a small mix of widowed men, divorced mean and scheming sugar boys. And you can pay for subscription by scratch i guess we can always applaud the progress of ur mother land but i must warn u fellas that this so called dating website are nothing but a front for scammers to work their magic so to speak, they don't care about you, all they want is ur wallet, it is quite sad to see , so be careful, rule of thunb, never send money to somebody u have never met, that always works.

Biko.” Not that the person is sad or anything, people just tend to have that impression.

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Just know the type of woman you are dealing with then play along and learn from your mistakes.6.

Guess what ,, If you are rich, women will chase you.