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She has designed a multitude of the characters on Adventure Time, and also designed the gender-swapped versions of Finn (Fionna), Jake (Cake), Princess Bubblegum (Prince Gumball), Marceline (Marshall Lee), Lady Rainicorn (Lord Monochromicorn), Ice King (Ice Queen), and Flame Princess (Flame Prince).

She wrote and illustrated the Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake comic miniseries.

As Valentine's Day approaches it seem the pressure is on for the Hollywood star to impress his new lady, who he intends to shower with affection on the Hallmark holiday.

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In a sad twist of fate, Liam played a widowed writer in the 2003 Richard Curtis comedy, Love Actually.Varun Dhawan celebrated his birthday in a lavish manner yesterday (April 24).The Dilwale actor has turned 29, but still doesn't feel that he is old enough to take responsibilities related to marriage.And by acid test, I mean, the first time Natasha and I went on vacation together I dosed her drink with, like, 30 hits of acid. A., you had to shut your eyes and imagine the most beautiful place on earth.And I convinced her that I was her creator, godhead figure, and king. You wouldn’t believe how many men imagined Disneyland. Tip: Address the big disagreements early in the word, and that you should be sleeping on bunk beds with European strangers. Moshe’s sitting next to me, right here, right now, in a nice bathrobe with matching slippers from the hotel.