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Fr Nugent was giving evidence in the High Court in Edinburgh at the trial of Peter Tobin, 60, the church handyman, who denies raping and killing Miss Kluk and hiding her body under the floor of the church.Asked by Dorothy Bain, prosecuting, if he had a sexual relationship with the student, he replied in a whisper: "Yes." He said the "sexual intimacy" between them happened about three or four times in August or September 2005.There are also other ways of going about the business of finding a person of the opposite (or even the same) sex that you might want to explore.Those more intellectually minded would probably go looking for smart girls in university libraries, and based on their reading decide on the best pick-up technique. Others would probably try the tested method of going to multiple parties – chances are you’ll meet singles there also looking for company or someone they can share their feelings or thoughts with.However, he said he was not drinking at the time of his affair with Miss Kluk.Asked to recall events last September, when Miss Kluk is alleged to have been murdered, he said that he saw her in the garage of the chapel house with Tobin on the 24th.In the old days when it was difficult to get some really attractive clothes or own a car, a saying was in frequent use in Poland claiming that the best pick-up model was one involving fura, skóra i komóra – a set of wheels, a leather jacket and a cell phone.

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Fr Nugent was told that Miss Kluk's sister Aneta, 28, and the student's married lover, Martin Macaskill, 40, both thought that his claim of a sexual relationship was untrue.

He replied: "Sadly, it is true." The priest added: "I take full responsibility. I knew it was wrong, I knew I was doing wrong but I was guilty. I knew it had to stop so that part of the relationship stopped."I still had the same feelings for her in terms of the admiration."The court also heard that he bought Miss Kluk an expensive laptop computer, costing around £1,500, gave her access to his credit card and helped pay for a flight to Poland.

This could include phrases such as the following: “Hi there, any chance I could check you out? This is probably one of the better ways of finding someone your age, with similar interests, and most likely known to the others who, if you like the person you meet, can disclose a little more background information on the type, so it is probably a more comfortable and safer situation if you do not want to end up with a total freak.

Still others will take to the Internet and the Polish web offering of dating sites is incredible, with new ones still springing up from nowhere, despite the original boom time for this form of picking someone up and dating expired some time ago.