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" But Matthew Boyle, Breitbart's Washington editor, who has been fervently pro-Trump, was less than convinced of the severity of the situation. Ultimately, Breitbart chose to cover the news in a way favorable to Donald Trump Jr., but with a tone notably less animated than it has displayed during other bad news cycles for the Trump administration.

The website's lead article for much of the afternoon covered the basic facts of the story, but included a final sentence saying, "The email does not refer to any cooperation, coordination or collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government." A spokesman for Breitbart, asked for a response from the outlet and from the participants in the conversation, declined comment.

Elsewhere in the pro-Trump media universe, reactions varied. While CNN and MSNBC went into full coverage on the story, Fox News only briefly visited the topic before moving on to other news, then returning to it later.

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