Prison planet dating site

For this algorithm to work, people would have to be a LOT more self-aware about compatibility – and they’re not.

Maybe you've opted out of the games, but your friends are still coming to you with the most obvious relationship problems, and you SO cannot be bothered anymore.

His crime, aiding and abetting murder in the first degree, had landed him life without parole in a Texas prison—but he wasn’t ready to give up on finding love. “When I saw this man—this hulking, sexy man—and read his profile, I thought to myself, ‘I guess all the good ones are in prison! “I was intrigued, so I decided to write him and take a chance.”She emailed Alberto via the website, which then printed her message and mailed a copy to him in prison.

Three weeks later, she received his reply in the mail.

Among these profiles was Alberto, a meaty, tattoo-emblazoned man with thick-rimmed glasses and a dark goatee.The no-show who "overslept," and the player whose stories sound a little too impressive?Dude, if you drive a Saturn, no one is going to believe you're an angel investor who helps build children's hospitals in his spare time.A former Connecticut college student charged with falsely accusing two football players of rape has been offered a plea deal — but there's a catch.Long Island resident Nikki Yovino would have to spend two years in prison if she agrees to the compromise, according to the Connecticut Post.

Prison planet dating site