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For those working with Linux command Line, command ‘pwd‘ is very helpful, which tells where you are – in which directory, starting from the root (/).Specially for Linux newbies, who may get lost amidst of directories in command Line Interface while navigation, command ‘pwd‘ comes to rescue. As the name states, command ‘pwd‘ prints the current working directory or simply the directory user is, at present.However this project is still functional and can serve as a lightweight alternative for non-python users.This is a set of scripts for making a nice and dynamic tmux statusbar consisting of segments.Many of these variables might already be in your user profile.

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tmux-powerline, with all other powerline projects, is replaced by the new unifying powerline.Your system sets up your system environment by using a set of specifications that are defined in the initialization files.If you want to temporarily modify your environment for the current work session, you can issue commands directly at the command prompt.This is much like Lokaltog/vim-powerline but for tmux.The following segments exists for now: Full screenshot left-status Current tmux session, window and pane, hostname and LAN & WAN IP address.