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I made lifelong friendships during my time at LUMS.

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However, an enthusiastic group of Pierre area volunteers did a wonderful job representing the more than 180 advocates who were snowed in across the state.

Seeking Arrangement (SA, for short) is a Sugar dating website founded in 2006 by now-CEO Brandon Wade.

Users set up accounts complete with photos, bios, backgrounds, interests— you know, all the normal things that one would put on a dating site.

I'm so annoyed w SD possibilities that are weird about it.

Still draped in uncomfortable date attire, an itch developing on my leg from the confines of the thigh high socks that my date requested I wear, I sit on the floor of my bedroom, excitedly briefing my friends on my date. They’re perfect days to get off campus and do interesting things—see the city, go on a date. I did it with a forty-something-year-old man who has more money than I can wrap my head around.