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Your partner will receive the message telling them to get tested for STDs.

It is important that your partner gets notified, tested, and treated as soon as possible.

In contrast, at a distal hot spot, crossovers were recovered only in males even though noncrossovers were obtained at similar frequencies in both sexes.

These findings reveal an example of extreme sex-specific bias in recombination outcome.

The longer you wait, the more you put your partner's sexual health at risk.

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It is important to inform all current and past sexual partners as soon as you test positive for STDs.

We further found that estimates of relative DSB levels are surprisingly poor predictors of relative crossover frequencies between hot spots in males.

Our results demonstrate that the outcome of mammalian meiotic recombination can be biased, that this bias can vary depending on location and cellular context, and that DSB frequency is not the only determinant of crossover frequency.

Notifying your sexual partner of your positive STD test result is the responsible and moral thing to do.

It also gives your partner the opportunity to get tested and perhaps save his or her life.