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“The earth strikes back in Season 4, it is an unbeatable foe,” Rothenberg promised of next year’s story. ” Creator Jason Rothenberg said that if and when we see that shot in its finished form, it’ll be later in the season, but the producers wanted to offer fans a tease for the season, given that they haven’t started filming yet.In Nick Dear’s fine new play - which in Richard Eyre’s simple and beautiful production on an earth covered stage emerges as a labour of love by all concerned - you really feel that you are meeting this complex, troubled man.Those who love Thomas’s poetry may find parts of it hard to bear, for the writer was shadowed by depression, often cruel and unloving towards his wife and neglectful of his children.Alice is an Ordinary High-School Student and Friend to All Living Things.

It was Frost who encouraged him to write verse and once he started he produced 143 poems in just two years, before being killed at the battle of Arras in 1917.

The pace is slow and the payoff, which has barely been hinted at, could be minimal, leaving me to question whether the show is worth investing further Saturday nights into.

The BBC have decided to postpone the first episode of their new drama Broken in the wake of the Manchester terror attack.

Eventually, all seven of the scientists at the base are found to have been reincarnated as Japanese teenagers.

Their base — and all its weapons — is still operational, and the seven of them must find a way to balance their obligations from past lives with their new lives on Earth...