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The following steps that explain how you can implement this site assume the presence of a database in your web site that has a table called should be capture automatically. Sql Data Source Command Event Args e) protected void Sql Data Source1_Deleting(object sender, System. NET 4.5; C# only) Hi Bobby, It's not missing as I didn't include it; this file should be generated automatically whenever you use one of the application services such as Membership. NET Configuration or use the Create User Wizard on the /Account/page.

The demo application that you can download at the end of this article has this database in the App_Data folder and all the code shown in this article. Cheers, Imar Thanks for the code, i really appreciate it, but when i add some field in favorite database ex: description, i get error: "Data Binding: ' Profile Common' does not contain a property with the name ' Description'.i can't find code to add it, please help.. Seemingly,loads of internet sites never present free of charge center to consumers to perform the overall game.

property when you're building up your SQL statements dynamically in Code Behind, or when you respond to events of the data-bound controls.

You see an example of the latter in the second part of this article.

It'd be nice if the defaults implemented with a more robust OLTP scenario in mind, though.

It'd be pretty complex, but that's because OLTP has inherent complexities.

If, however, your site is already using Profile, you can also use the . Sql Data Source Command Event Args e) private void Assign User Name(Db Parameter Collection parameters) solution, the user's name is now successfully sent to the database, to ensure users can only see, and manage their own data.

Users should only be able to see and manage their own links even though the links for all users are stored in the same database,. Download a full working example showing both concepts (requires ASP.

Which also answers Udi's question of why it doesn't do that out of the box.This tutorial can be viewed as a more user-friendly alternative to the first tutorial of the previous series.Please also see the Syncope documentation on using the installer.The List View control, when combined with the new Web Designer and rich CSS support in VS 2008, enables you to build much cleaner HTML UI.Over the next few weeks I'll be putting together several blog posts that show off how you can use it.