Straigh sex chat

In terms of expressing attraction to one gender without further implications: "gynephilic" and "androphilic" and/or "gynesexual" and "androsexual" are words that are often used, or simply "men who have sex with men" (edit: note that this refers to action and not attraction, which appears to be your intention) as has been mentioned, since it makes no mention of sexual orientation.

However, in conversation it's probably easier to just say "he likes girls".

That is, if a person is described as either, they are assumed to be exclusively attracted to the opposite gender; if a relationship is described as such ("He's in a heterosexual relationship right now"), generally it only implies that this particular relationship is one between a male and a female.It's worth noting that there is a distinction between "men who have sex with men" and "androphilic." In principle a person may experience sexual attraction to males and not act on it; or conversely a man may have sex with men for some reason other than sexual attraction (e.g. No, in English, "heterosexual" and "straight" are synonymous, with each of "homosexual," "bisexual," and "asexual" being in a separate "quadrant of sexuality." One cannot fall into more than one of these categories.There are people who use "straight" in the sense of "attracted to the opposite sex in some capacity", and as such, they state that straight asexuals are a thing.Here’s what they had to say: Rob (not his real name) is 46-years-old.He lives in San Jose, CA and has been married to his wife for 12 years.