Updating forms due to law changes

Obviously, it is important to evaluate all of the changes in the forms and understand the implications those changes may have in managing the risks on a particular project.

The application deadline date is August 31 every year.If you have questions about the new AIA forms and how they may affect your upcoming projects, the members of Smith Anderson’s Construction Group stand ready to help.CURRENT PROCESSING DATES Problems with CRO Gazette Download - Update 11th August PM- This issue should hopefully now be resolved and all Gazettes accessible.11 August 2017 - CRO is experiencing problems with the download availability of the CRO Gazettes. In the interim, please find the latest issue of gazettes available here on this page which should allow access.If there is a particular gazette from a previous month or year, [email protected] issue it to you as an email attachment Discontinuation of Fast Track facility - 1st August 2017 The Registrar of Companies has decided to discontinue the Fast Track facility for company restorations.