Updating microchip details

It is important that both Keeper and animal records are kept up to date.

If you do not know what your pet's microchip number is, go to the vet and ask them to scan your pet's microchip and give you the number.Please note, the Change of Address or updating of animal details does not entitle the new owner to receive a Certificate of Identification confirming the new information that is recorded on the registry.Should an updated Certificate of Identification be required, the new owner can request one as per the instructions below.No registration fee; no maintenance fees; no fee to update your contact information; no fees at all as long as you register your pet with Free Pet Chip Furthermore, we have a strict Non-Solicitation Policy: Your information will not be sold to any third parties, and other than opt-in pet insurance banners inside of your Free Pet Chip Registry account, you will not be solicited for anything as a result of registering your pet(s) at Free Pet Chip Registry.com!