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Do you know what version firmware is running on your device?

If you just got it, you can look at the label on the bottom of the box, near the Serial Number barcode. Another way to check your current firmware version is to log into your device and in the top right hand of the screen, you should see ‘Firmware Version 1.00’ (or whatever version).

When you click on links in such e-mails, it could allow unauthorized persons to access your router.

Neither D-Link nor its partners and resellers will send you unsolicited messages where you are asked to click or install something.

I don't believe that will fix router menu , but call ISP. Update 1 I am able to connect to router through telnet, how can I change my firmware through telnet.I found these are the list of commands on my router UPDATE 2 I have done the following, but there is no result cable ISP's lock modem/router machine address (MAC) so no login is required and your WAN IP address is constant.D-Link has pushed out a firmware update for three serious security vulnerabilities in its DIR-820L home routers, and is expected to do the same for seven other models between tomorrow and March 10.The vulnerabilities provide an attacker with remote access to the router without the need for authentication, including one in particular where an attacker may remotely change DNS configurations on the router by abusing a cross-site request forgery vulnerability.