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The two drivers and a passenger in Mr Cheng's cab were killed.Months before she sat her first O-level examination paper, she was selling toothbrushes from door to door.Typically the character has a store of mana on or inside his person (in which case this limit is caused by the character having a finite supply to work with), or draws it from a Background Magic Field on demand (in which case this limit is caused by the strain that gathering it places on their body).

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT I NOW AM ACTIVATE ON DEVIANTART! I WILL BE POSTING FANART FOR MY STORIES, BOTH NEW AND OLD, UP THERE ALONG WITH A LOT OF MY ORIGINAL STUFF! IF YOU READ MY SUPER MARIO EDS STORY, THERE IS NOW A COMIC POSTED FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE! WHETHER OR NOT THESE THINGS CONTINUE IS DEPENDS ON IF YOU WANT THEM TO OR NOT!Turning out to be a true friend, Marius never tires of assisting these two during the course of their twisted affairs and in the end he, who seemed to be caught in the role an eternal watcher and bystander, even gains new perspectives for his own existence. She had put an end to him, Dorian Gray, that she was certain.Then, would anyone kindly explain to her why she was seeing him again, in modern day, a hundred years later?It could simply require rest or eating, or it could require more exotic means, such as Intimate Healing or feeding on the Life Energy of others.Sometimes all that's required is a good old primal scream and focusing on what's important, really, really hard with a lot of emotion.