Wanting to talk chat to couples about sex

Me and my boyfriend have been together for two years. Is a lack of fluid and lively conversation a sign that it’s over between you? For men, talking is the tool they use to get a point across in order to achieve a goal or solve a problem.

The first year was bliss, the second year was also bliss but with some insecurities thrown in. Men mainly get their dose of intimacy through touching, sex, and physically doing things for their woman.

Maybe we wouldn't all feel the same about this dance.

Perhaps the setting is wrong, it's not your kind of music, you've never really liked making an exhibition of yourself dancing, etc.

You spent time, money, and effort to stay connected.

Most couples, after they've had some Relate counselling, report that communication between them has improved.

Communication can be described as the way we connect to other people. It is in fact a very complicated process which most of us never deliberately learn - we just do it.

There's a place for you to dance together, the music sets the scene, you both sense the rhythm, take it in turns to 'do your thing', follow or take the lead, you do it together, it gives you both pleasure and has a purpose.

If you are reasonably good at it, it should be a satisfying experience.