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Was “Scandal” influenced by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this season? There’s no good way to answer that that doesn’t ruin some real yumminess to come. Is it a possibility that Cyrus won’t remain president? After everything’s she’s lost, why would she keep going down such a cursed path?

The couple were seen cosying up on board the vessel as the model laced a loving arm around the British musician's neck.Elizabeth takes up with a very savvy, opportunistic, wealthy businessman who uses her to gain access to her father and his government connections and then gives Elizabeth a hat shop.Elizabeth fails to read her true situation, seeing the gift as loving support of her new-found equality: meanwhile, the businessman uses his new connections to court a Marchioness. Wallace in about 1911, and never again appears in the series, remaining in America.When a tip comes in from a woman who worked on the Vargas campaign, Jennifer, who knows too much about Cyrus, Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Díaz) flee to a cabin in the woods where the tip sent them, only to find the cabin exploding into flames. Jennifer’s charred hand, which they bring back to Liv, hoping it’ll be the piece they need to prove that Cyrus was behind killing both Jennifer and Frankie. Politically, it’s something she wanted so it could have been her standing there.The premiere parallels what’s happening in American right now: electing a new president into office. It causes sort of an existential crisis in her business brain.