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Both events will likely end up being sell-outs, which is rare for Smack Down.

Linda Hogan spoke out about former husband Hulk Hogan's recently leaked sex tape, saying there are a lot of holes in the story he's been telling. His actions have proven to be completely disastrous, and my children, my kids are extremely embarrassed. Confessing that she saw the tape long before it became public this month, Linda said she was appalled when she recognized Heather Clem, the woman her husband was with. There is a certain thing called your dignity and your morality, and if you don't have any, this is what you can expect to happen, but this isn't my thing," she said.

Linda told Corbett, “My phone lines have been lighting up with people wanting to know why he’s telling everybody that reality TV and our reality show was my idea and honestly…My husband keeps blaming everything on me.

At some point in time he needs to take responsibility for his own actions and take the heat.” She continued, “Listen, we did the reality show because this was a family thing.

" The Hulk kept quiet on Twitter over the weekend, hopefully because he was celebrating somewhere and not busy leg-dropping Costa.

Congratulations Phil and Brooke on your [engagement]!!

Linda set the record straight on the decision for the family to take part in the VH1 reality show “Hogan Knows Best,” which Hulk discussed in court Monday.

She has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 16.6 years each. Linda began dating Hill when she was 47 and he was 19.The couple was together for four years before breaking up in 2012. When we were married, he didn't have an i Phone 3 and I don't remember that ringtone at all, so that's really interesting that he says that was six years ago," she said, referring to Hulk's phone ringing during the tryst. As his wife and listening to all the stuff he's been talking about, I differ with quite a few things.

Who is hulk hogan39s ex dating