Women and eyeglasses dating advice

I know there are studies out there showing that women who wear makeup “appear more competent” or whatever, but I think I look fine without it. What you want is to look professional and polished.Whether you get there with or without makeup isn’t really the point; it’s about the end result.They have an air of mystery around them and guess what? So keep calm and channel your inner Clark Kent; and don’t be afraid to flaunt those prescription glasses.Here are 8 reasons why I think men with glasses look piping hot!#1 Farsighted, Literally Most men with eyeglasses come across as people who have goals and are ready to do what it takes to achieve them.Similarly, a man with glasses is seen by women as someone they can plan a long-term relationship with.Either way, you have to maximize your opportunities, and online dating is a great way to do just that. Chances are you’ve gone online, created an account at one of many dating sites, slapped together a few lines and a quick profile pic, crossed your fingers and hoped for the best. On the flipside, so many people are getting it wrong that you’d be at a tremendous advantage if you made some improvements.The great news is that those improvements aren’t even that hard.

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We’re going to find out what not to do, and what to keep doing to get better results in the online dating arena. However, a good smile really comes from the eyes, not your mouth. The light is generally better and you can get a good shot with even a crappy camera.(And if you wear makeup, it’s important that it be relatively subtle; heavy makeup isn’t appropriate for most offices and will make you look the opposite of professional.) Some people find that using makeup helps them look more polished, or they just feel more pulled together when wearing it.(Sort of like the advice to wear a suit during a phone interview, even though the interviewer can’t see you.In frustration, I turned to the women in the Sixty and Me community to get their advice.I’d like to tell you some of their favorite places to buy glasses for women our age.