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While men might be instinctively protective, we're also a bit instinctively nuts, too–at times.If you need proof, here are the 11 requirements every brother has for the dude who's dating his sister.I remember hearing my parents arguing about that “little miss spread ‘em” from down the street and how all the women that fell over themselves for him whenever he took me to the park.My father was the best dad to my brother, sister and I.Step siblings, half siblings, full siblings it doesn’t matter, sleeping with anyone who is “family” is NOT cool.See which movies took sibling relationships to an unhealthy level below.

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Yep, it should be no surprise when I say that men can certainly act crazy over the women in their lives. Affairs regarding these important women don't usually equate to light-hearted subject matter.We went to different schools, but I knew she was much more popular than me. We were twins, but only because we were born the same day, there was no comparison in looks. Sasha had enough curves that every man checked her out when they saw her. I quickly followed her up to change into my swimming trunks and beat her to the pool in the back yard. So here is my offer." Sasha narrowed her eyes and sat up properly. You don't want to be stuck out here all summer with just me for company." "Uh, yeah." "Because of those chores mum and dad want from us, you can't catch the early train in. Where is your proof and are they likely to believe you when they know me so well? But I needed to sell the negatives of the deal as taking barely any time.And though he was definitely far from perfect in the husband department, for as many women as my father had around, I never once heard any talk of him having any other children.I met Corey while I was on a girls' weekend in the Bahamas.

Word for brother and sister dating